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Our firm is renowned for its importance in the energy sector in dealing with the negotiation and implementation of contracts and projects related to oil and gas and alternative energy solutions. Regional and international corporate companies trust the expertise of our firm in the oil and gas sector for the last 15 years. We are providing our unique professional services to the leading market players in the energy sector.

The state of Qatar is a leading energy producer in the world and many international private and government entities are involved with the region in various projects and investments in the sector.

Energy Practice Includes
  • Oil and Gas title disputes
  • Lease Termination disputes
  • Joint operating agreement disputes
  • Exploration and development agreements disputes
  • Shut-in operation disputes
  • Gas purchase agreement
  • Disputes under drilling contracts
  • Indemnity disputes

Our expertise is acquired from the long experience in the industry and we have Lawyers in our team who was working as in-house legal team of major companies in the industry. Our list of clients in the sector is not only from Qatar and Middle East but from other part of Asia, Africa and Europe.